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I started my martial arts career with Lee in 2008. I really enjoyed the varied styles that Lee taught but especially enjoyed Thai boxing. This stood me in good stead as I went on to win Gold at the Unified World Championships in Italy in 2014. Courage, discipline and respect are values that I have taken forward in my Military career.


When I moved to Tunbridge Wells, I was looking for best Martial Arts school and teacher who can help my daughter as a Teacher and Mentor. I saw ICE Black Belt Martial Arts system and tried to browse Master Lee Bandas. His YouTube videos and training talks helped me make my decision to take a trial class. After the trial class when we returned my Daughter was so happy, she was given proper chance to do Pad work and the teacher answered her all questions in a lovely soft voice. Master Lee Bandas is a very humbled and respected community asset. I have also taken admission in the school and we are always at an awe whenever Master Lee Bandas shows us amazing skills. He always talk about his teacher Grandmaster Richard Bustilo, and it's so amazing my daughter doesn't have to travel the whole world to learn all this as Master Lee himself is among us. Thank you so much Master Lee Sincerely Ali Shaikh and Sophia Ali (TunbridgeWells)

Ali Shaikh

Besides being a great Martial arts practitioner, coach and instructor, Lee Banda is among the most polite, caring and sensitive individuals that I've ever come into contact with. Proficient fighter-trainers are few are far between and those like Lee Banda who have discovered a balance between fighting and life skills are almost none existent. Bob Sykes: Editor: Martial Arts illustrated magazine.

Bob Sykes

I have known Master Lee Banda many years. I have taught him Muay Thai and did teach many seminars at his Academy. He is so dedicated Martial Arts student and an excellent instructor . I have no hesitation in recommending him. SGMSken www.mastersken.com

Senior Grand Master Sken

I have known Lee since he was 16 so at least 40 years. Consistent, persistent. Reliable trustworthy honest and compassionate. Lee is to be trusted in all that he does as he is driven by morals and ethics not profit or personal gain.

Integrity and Skill

I’ve known Lee Banda since the early 90’s. A passionate martial artist even then as a young man. I’m proud of training him to black belt level. Something I don’t give out easily. His Black belt test was one of the most memorable. Since then he’s gone on to great things. He’s proven himself in competition but even more so as a superb teacher. He’s built an amazing school, a true one off place. One of the best memories i have is of grading his students. Some of the best trained it’s been my pleasure to test. I recommend him as a teacher, he’s passionate, sensitive and empathetic. Someone who can take you to great heights whoever you are and in the process give you a life long passion.

Bob Breen

I have known Lee Banda since we first sat together in our first year at Infant School in 1971 and we have been friends ever since. I left our home town to join the Army when I was 17 and kept in touch with Lee sharing time together during my periods of leave. In his early days as an instructor, Lee gave me some useful advice and fighting and grappling techniques prior to my first operational deployment which supported the Krav Maga training I had been given. I watched Lee’s journey over the years and his time in the far east which ultimately led to him becoming a world champion. As a commissioned officer in the army I value certain personal traits which I demanded from my soldiers; discipline, courage, professionalism, pride, fairness, integrity and commitment; these are the principles which were first described by Field Marshall Slim and still form the basis of Officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Special Forces selection. I see all of those qualities in Lee and I have total admiration for all that he has achieved and his lifetime of commitment.

Major JG

Ice Black Belt Schools has fostered a strong community among the parents and students. The school organizes regular events and social gatherings, providing opportunities for families to connect and support each other. It's a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes us feel like part of a big martial arts family.

Carl D

The facilities at Ice Black Belt Schools are top-notch. The clean and spacious training area, along with the variety of equipment available, ensures that every class is engaging and dynamic. The school also organizes exciting events and workshops that further enhance the learning experience for the students.

Peter K

Ice Black Belt Schools focuses on martial arts training and emphasizes important life skills such as respect, self-control, and perseverance. The values they instil in their students are invaluable and have positively impacted my child's behaviour and attitude inside and outside the dojo.

Craig Mulligan

I can't say enough positive things about Ice Black Belt Schools. The staff is dedicated and passionate about teaching martial arts, and they truly care about the progress and well-being of each student. My child has gained so much confidence and discipline since joining the school.


Ice Black Belt Schools in Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells have been an incredible experience for my child. The instructors are skilled, patient, and inspiring, creating a nurturing environment where my child feels motivated to learn and excel.


I've wanted to try martial arts for years but didn't want to join a big class as a beginner, I didn't want to pay out for kit only to find it didn’t like it and I also didn’t fancy the formality of Karate etc. Jeet Kune Do at the ICE school was the perfect fit for me. I signed up for a free trial knowing I could walk away if I didn’t like it but in those first classes I found it friendly and positive. I'm not able to attend every week due to work but I go when I can and feel that I'm learning and getting fitter at the same time. I've been taught by two instructors and would recommend both.

David Mc

“Back in the early 1990s there were only a handful of JKD instructors teaching in England who had direct lineage to Bruce Lee. I consider myself extremely lucky that one of the these was opening a school in an area I could get to. I turned up for the initial session to have my mind blown. Lee Banda delivered an amazing demonstration of skills and knowledge, including breaking the jaw of a crash helmet with a left hook! The queue for those wanting to sign up was huge! Over the past 28 years I have been lucky enough to train with Lee all over the UK. Whether regular lessons or seminars, Lee never fails to deliver.

However, the ability to protect myself and those who I love is only a small part of what I have learnt from Lee and his JKD; self-confidence, self-discipline, self-control, self-belief … as well as self-protection. As Bruce Lee once said … “art is an expression of the**self ”. Part of this journey was Lee’s mentorship into teaching. In the late 90s / early 2000s Lee invited me to lead one or two classes, for the lower grades. I was nervous, however Lee had confidence in me. Now, I have been teaching for over 20 years and it is all down to the potential that Lee saw in me. Sharing the journey of other students growing and developing in all the same ways that Lee and martial arts have helped me, is an honour that I will continue to cherish.

Gradings were always tough, all of them. I don’t know many others who have had a 4-hour full on test for a blue belt, let alone the higher grades. I gave my all for all of them and they paid off. On 4th July 2013 Lee awarded me my Black Belt under ICE Black Belt Schools, something I initially never dreamed to achieved, however the learning carried on and continues to this day.

All those years ago when I signed up for my first month of training, I remember Lee saying to me “at worst, it will be a month of training; at best, it will change your life”. It has changed my life, beyond measure. I can only imagine what the next 28 years of training with Lee will bring … all I know is, it will be worth it’s weight in gold!”

Sifu Simon White
Chief Instructor – WHITE JKD
Bromley Jeet Kune Do Academy

andy gibney
Henry Taylor
Wing Tsun