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Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SF.

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Tel: 07902589579

Lessons in Tunbridge Wells


  • Every Monday Evening      Beginners Class                       7:30 to 8:45pm
  • 1-2-1 private lessons          By arrangement                                                              


At 1 hour 15 minutes  minutes per lesson, you will socialise, learn, laugh and maybe make friends for life. We are so confident of changing your life, physique and way of thinking, that we’re offering a FREE introduction to our sessions.

Being unfit can be depressing but so can hours on a treadmill, or in a soulless gym full of strangers. At ICE Black Belt Scholls we cater for all levels of fitness / experience and all disciplines are covered. We can identify what’s right for you as an individual, from low impact group classes to personal 1-2-1 training with Lee himself. Over the years we’ve encountered all sorts of confidence and image issues, some of which were suffered by our own team of instructors before they found Martial Arts training.


We can be found at the Energie Fitness, Enterprise Centre, 5 North Farm Road, TN2 3DR. As well as being well located there is excellent parking.

How Much?

If you decide to train with us once a week the cost is just £37 a month, join us twice a week by visiting the Tonbridge School and the price drops to £52. After paying an initial £50 joining fee, you’ll be required to sign a statutory Student Agreement, which covers both parties. To allow you to integrate and acclimatise, you’ll receive 2 free lessons with our friendly and helpful instructors. Our fees are taken by Direct Debit so classes are totally about the sport and not about outstanding money issues.

We do hope you will find this suitable and look forward to meeting you in person.


So change your life now and contact us. Martial Arts training will build your strength and fitness, while markedly increasing your confidence, better preparing you for the rigours of life. Lee Banda

 ICE Black Belt Schools

Angel Centre
Angel Lane

  Telephone: 07902589579


St Barnabas Church Hall
Quarry Road
Tunbridge Wells

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